BetaRover specializes in helping organizations transform their development teams into agile delivery teams focused on scalable and performant cloud-based solutions.

The biggest hurdle for organizations in going to the cloud isn’t the platform, the product, the APIs, or the licensing – it’s transforming their team(s) to change their patterns and practices in delivering solutions to these new platforms. We work with leaders and their teams to help them refactor their software delivery culture into effective teams that can scale to the significant growth and change required to be successful.

Whether it is your development, product management, or QA teams, BetaRover has a proven track record in working with all components of your software delivery practice.

There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” methodology.“

It doesn’t matter whether you use Scrum, SAFE, Agile, Waterfall, whatever, what matters is you build a delivery practice that aligns to the unique needs of your organization that takes the best of what you do and combines it with the best of what you are building.
We never want to hear you say – “we used to deliver more when we were smaller”.

Irrespective of the software package you use to manage your Delivery Practice – Azure DevOps, Asana, Basecamp, JIRA, SLACK – it shouldn’t be cumbersome to you and your team’s delivery. If your team is spending more time following a workflow or process that only serves to add a few hours to their day and nothing more, then that’s a few hours too many where your team could have been building something great.

Never Say - “We shipped more when we were smaller.“


Whether you’re establishing a new team or refactoring an existing one.  We can help you with establishing a delivering software practice that doesn’t skip a beat whether working remotely or on-site.

Remote Delivery

Many teams now work remotely and yet are struggling to hit targets and deliver.  We can your team transition from being remote to embracing all that it can offer them.

Building an Nimble Team

You need a team that can adjust to changes in the industry, requirements, market, and be ready to scale for growth.

Leveraging DevOps

With years of experience using and developing software methodologies.  We’ll help you craft a delivery model geared towards your industry and team.

Establishing a Practice

A practice builds repetition and consistency in what you deliver.  If your team is scattered, they will falter.

Custom Development

Need a kickstart on accomplishing some of your goals?  We can help with all your custom development needs whatever they may be.

Supercharge your CRM

Your CRM might be the lifeblood of your company, but how does it link back or relate to your development practice?  Is it more cumbersome to work with then to not?

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