Announcing our New Leadership Programs

We are pleased to announce the release of two new Leadership programs aimed at helping Software Developers become great leaders, mentors, and coaches for their teams and organizations.

Leadership Leapfrog Program

The Software Leadership LeapFrog program is designed for individuals on that are looking for a leadership program with principles geared specifically towards the software industry.

Features of this program include;
  • A sprint-based approach to leadership development focused on setting objectives and delivering them.
  • Establishing your Value Proposition and Leadership style
  • Identify strategies for Leading Up
  • Growing your Circle of Influence
  • Establishing yourself as a Leader
  • Establishing your brand of Software Leadership

Team Leadership KickStart Program

The Team Leadership KickStart program is designed to align your software team(s) value proposition with the organization’s goals as they scale through growth.

The solution to giving your team the KickStart they need to go from Good to Great doesn’t start with adding more people to the problem or implementing more process.
It starts by
  • Ensuring your teams are engaged and delivering
  • Developing a Motivating Team Culture.
  • Reduce Turnover by building leaders from within
  • Identify and implement a strategic direction for growth
  • Team Leadership training
  • Identify and overcome weaknesses within the team

As with all of our program offerings, you can schedule Introductory and initial consultative sessions (at no charge) to find out more about our program offerings and how we can help you and your team.

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