Author: Greg Thomas

21 May

The Purpose of Your Team

If there is one activity that you should always be revisiting with your team, it’s their purpose.  Even now, especially now, with your team disrupted, its a great opportunity...

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16 Apr

The New Job Perks

Two months ago, companies were falling over each other to implement and deliver as many perks as possible to get their teams to stay on-site as often as possible....

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17 Feb

Code Your Way Up – The Getting Started for Software Developers

Going back to many years ago, when I first became a Software Manager, I was surprised (shocked) in the steps I went through in going from Developer to Manager....

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10 Sep

The Leadership Exit

Making the decision to leave is never easy. It’s easily doubled when you’re the Leader of a team because not only are you now leaving an organization, you’re now...

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24 Jul

Collaboration’s Biggest Challenge

A few years ago, SLACK was the messaging darling, enabling quick, simplified messaging with minimal setup and management for administrators.  In addition, it boasted a robust API/Integration framework which...

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