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You are the brilliant coder able to solve any problem thrown at you with the track record to back it up. And now people are looking to you for leadership, coaching, mentorship and guidance to call the right plays for your team.

Leadership Development

As a Software Leader you’re now responsible not only for the development and trajectory of your own career, but those on your team as well.

To help you get there on your journey, we offer coaching and leadership development programs focused around both the Individual and Team to help you meet these challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Hand-in-Hand with our Digital Transformation Strategies, BetaRover works directly with your Development Teams and leadership to give your team the tools they need to become effective leaders and develop a culture focused on software delivery that meets the needs of your organization. [more]

Digital Transformation Strategies

As a Microsoft Partner, BetaRover will work with your team to understand your current software architecture and implementation with the goal towards developing a strategy that helps you in navigating the divide between were you are and where you need to go.   As part of our Digital Transformation Strategies we offer hands-on training workshops that go beyond the introduction and intermediate content and deep dives into the complex, proven and nitty gritty. [more]

Whether it’s helping your team raise their leadership game or solidify your platform strategy there is one component that is is core to everything we do – we Light It Up!

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