• What’s the Story?

    What’s the Story?

    Requirements are about one thing and one thing only – the Story. If you can tell the story, the team will understand what you are asking for and know why they need to build it. Everything else between Epics, Features, User Storys, Product Backlog Items, Tickets, Issues, Work Items (the list goes on and on

  • The Tools Don’t Dictate the Outcome

    The Tools Don’t Dictate the Outcome

    Software is everywhere, helping us do many things we couldn’t do years ago. Thinking back to the early days with Source Control, VSS (Visual Source Safe) was my first introduction to source control and it looked something like that. Horrific I know, you should have tried branching with it (I said a prayer each time).

  • Leading Next vs Now

    Leading Next vs Now

    As Software Managers, you need to focus on the Now – your team and deliverables. That is where the immediate need is and where your focus should be (i.e., not in the cloud on some esoteric design of some component that may or may not be used by a customer at some point in time

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