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In anything you do, how you do it is what determines your success.  You can have the best idea or product without the foundation of a strong development platform to get you there, you’ll end up spending more time “getting things running” than “getting things done”.

We don’t push software methodologies on your team.  We work with you to understand your industry, organization, and team and craft a delivery framework to help you deliver on schedule.  We help you get the most out of Azure DevOps by customizing and extending it to fit your needs.

Continuous Improvement

You’ve invested in a tool to deliver your software, but if you’re only using 5% of it, it’s not actually helping you at all.  We’ll show you how you can leverage your Azure DevOps implementation around;

  • Planning and Delivery
  • Pipeline integration
  • Reporting and Estimation
  • Notification and Summaries


Azure DevOps is the heart of our organization, let us help make the heart of yours.

  • Over fifteen years experience building TFS/DevOps solutions and customizing environments.
  • We build pipelines so your developers don’t have to worry about environments.

  • Whether it’s Dynamics, Azure Functions, Data Factory or more, we’ll show you how to merge these streams into one beautiful code base.
  • We help you keep your methodolgy simple and powerful.


  • How can we get more done?

    When done right, your DevOps implementation should be invisible to everything you do and deliver.

    You aren’t shipping an Azure DevOps repo, you’re shipping software.  We can help you spend less time in DevOps and more on shipping your product.

  • How do we better plan our work?

    Azure DevOps is the hub for all of your work activity within your development team.  The last thing you want to do is be spending your time sifting through user stories and backlogs to generate a report on what you did that period and then have to do it all again next month.

    We can help you plan better, so these questions are never asked.

  • Are we delivering?

    Once implemented correctly, you should be able to see how close you are to finishing off stories, rolling up to features and shipping builds into QA.

    How close are you to the finish line?  We’ll show you how.

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