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Building a software practice is like putting together a complicated lego set with no instructions. You might have all the right blocks, but how you get there and fit them together is up to you.

Perhaps you’ve grown your team organically over time and need to put some structure around it or maybe you’re launching a new initiative and need to scale up quickly to build a new team.


  • Where do you start?
  • Who do you hire?
  • How do you lead it?

Software teams are not factories.

No two software practices are the same, what works for one, won’t work for the other.  We work to understand what you’re building and who you’re building it for to work with you to develop a process that won’t hold you back and will give you the runway to scale.

In doing so we focus on three primary disciplines for your team; People, Process, and Platforms.  A sample of the type of questions you can expect is provided on the right for each section.


  • The People

    Who are you looking for?

    Who do you have?

    What do you need to move forward?

    How is your team structured?

    Can it scale?

  • The Process

    What does your industry require of your team?

    Are there regulations you need to follow?

    How do you get code from A to B without taking a detour through C, D, E, and F?

  • The Platforms

    Your team needs systems, platforms, and tools to get their job done.  If they are all using whatever works, costing out what your team is building and how they are doing it can be expensive.

    We work with your team to understand what they need to get their job done while providing you with the metrics to understand how they are getting it done.

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