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As Developers, we refactor when the product needs it.  When it’s become unwieldy to manage we make the call to fix it, make it easier to manage and simpler to operate.

Whether we’re coding features, fixing bugs, or closing stories, we are constantly tweaking to make the product better.


As many software teams now operate remotely, now more than ever it’s important that you have a strategy that looks at the team debt you might be accruing and how to manage it.

Whether it’s responding to outside priorities faced by your team, scaling to meet an increase in demand, or preparing for future growth, our Refactor Your Team workshop focuses on working with your team to develop the skills they need to continue delivering.

When was the last time you had these discussions with your team?

Our goal is to work with your team(s) and leadership to chart that path forward and instill that refactoring mindset into your daily operations and leadership.

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