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Software Driven Leaders are a different breed of Leaders as they grow teams, manage platforms and continue charting the growth of not only themselves but of their team.

We refer to Software Leaders as Managers but this could be further from the truth as the actual management component of their role pales in comparison to the product leader, team lead, coach, mentor, trainer, and yes even coder.

They are looked to establish a process, grow the team, scale-out development all while still being able to deliver.

If it was an easy job, everyone would be doing it.


The Software Driven Leader workshop is geared towards new leaders in your organization (Team or Technical) and is great for Leaders who might be struggling with where to start.

During this workshop, we’ll walk you through the tools you should be implementing now to ensure you have your finger on the pulse of what your team is doing while also helping them plan for future growth and success.

As part of our workshop, we’ll help you distill these plans into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tactics and plans that will help you grow and scale as a leader in your organization.


Initial Workshop
Weekly Touchpoints
Monthly Updates

After our initial workshop, we work directly with you in an ongoing manner through a series of weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly coaching and mentoring sessions to give you the proper support you need to be a success for you and your team.

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