Finding your Non-Leadership Style

Leadership Styles are a tricky conversation primarily because no one wants to be pigeonholed being “that” type of Leader (when no one cares for having “that” type of Leader in their organization).

But it gets worse, as you start to work with other leaders (maybe you have a group of Team Leads you are mentoring) they want to understand what style you teach and employ because this is more important than the results you create.

To be a Great Leader, you don’t need to have a Leadership style. 

If you want to be better then having a particular style, I would urge you instead to focus on having a Non-Leadership style which essentially says – who you aren’t.

Having a Non-Leadership Style is what keeps you open to changes in the industry and lets you build your toolbox with a variety of tools, adding new ones, replacing old ones.  It prevents the conversation from with team members from going down a path of – “oh okay, so today we’re doing this?”

When you have a Non-Leadership Style you KNOW who you DON’T want to be, what you DON’T want to do and what you DON’T want to teach others.

You won’t find Non-Leadership Styles in a powerpoint deck because there are too many and only you can be the judge for what works for you and what doesn’t from your experience at trying them.

Non-Leadership Styles are typically unstructured and not driven by processes or perfect diagrams.  Instead they are composed of guiding concepts and goals that hold the leader to their path and direction but let them choose the route to get there.

Non-Leadership Styles are not for everyone – there is no handbook (except the one written by the leader) that says – “when this, do that, then do this, followed by that” which can frustrate those that are looking for a step-by-step manual to leadership.  They are free-flowing, evolving and natural in their development, growth, and escalation as they are implemented, tweaked and twisted.  They are the leadership styles that we come to admire for these exact qualities of flexibility and growth.

The next time you get asked what’s your Leadership Style, flip the conversation and start by saying what your Leadership style isn’t.  In that instant, the conversation will change as people here what you will not do and when you start doing what you set out to do they will not be fearful for what comes but instead be relaxed in knowing what it will not be.


Shipping with Bugs

There are a few things wrong with our new site.

You might not be able to pick them out, but we can, some are more obvious than others.

But all of them stick out like a thorn in my side that I can’t get past even though our new site is vastly better than our previous one.

For the last few months, I hummed and hawed over whether to take down the Under Construction sign and release or keep it up while trying to resolve these last few issues.

If I adjusted the time that we were delivering on, I knew it would push back the release even further as the list would never end.

We shipped last week, it’s not perfect, there are some kinks to work out (some fixed this week), but we’re happy with the result and the lessons it taught us.

We’ve re-structured our site to focus on our main core competencies – Development, Leading and Learning.


At our core, we deliver simple, scalable solutions.  We work with a variety of Government Departments and Private Organizations to deliver solutions on the Office365, Dynamics 365 and Azure stacks focusing on Data Driven and Contact Centre oriented solutions.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your next project or have some questions, drop us a line.


We’re pleased to offer the general availability of our new Dynamics 365 Training programs.  These programs are born from the custom training modules we have done for customers over the past few years and the questions we get asked most often.

All attendees will receive access to their own tenant for the week prior, during and two weeks after our course to they can complete any Labs and/or revisit material.  In addition, we want to hear from you before your session starts to ensure you’re in the right program and the content we deliver will help you reach your goals.


Our training programs and content delivery have not gone anywhere and instead are now being offered as customized offerings.  Whether you’re a Developer, Team Lead or Manager or Team – we can all use a kickstart to get going and become a more effective leader.

Our programs are a combination of mentoring and coaching designed to give you the jump you need to be a success.

We’re still tweaking things, but we’re looking forward to what we can deliver with you in 2019. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call or email us.


Welcome to BetaRover

You are the brilliant coder able to solve any problem thrown at you with the track record to back it up. And now people are looking to you for leadership, coaching, mentorship and guidance to call the right plays for your team.

Leadership Development

As a Software Leader you’re now responsible not only for the development and trajectory of your own career, but those on your team as well.

To help you get there on your journey, we offer coaching and leadership development programs focused around both the Individual and Team to help you meet these challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Hand-in-Hand with our Digital Transformation Strategies, BetaRover works directly with your Development Teams and leadership to give your team the tools they need to become effective leaders and develop a culture focused on software delivery that meets the needs of your organization. [more]

Digital Transformation Strategies

As a Microsoft Partner, BetaRover will work with your team to understand your current software architecture and implementation with the goal towards developing a strategy that helps you in navigating the divide between were you are and where you need to go.   As part of our Digital Transformation Strategies we offer hands-on training workshops that go beyond the introduction and intermediate content and deep dives into the complex, proven and nitty gritty. [more]

Whether it’s helping your team raise their leadership game or solidify your platform strategy there is one component that is is core to everything we do – we Light It Up!

Not sure where to start?  Get in touch with us on LinkedIn or Contact Us.

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