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17 Feb

Code Your Way Up – The Getting Started for Software Developers

Going back to many years ago, when I first became a Software Manager, I was surprised (shocked) in the steps I went through in going from Developer to Manager....

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12 Jun

Finding your Non-Leadership Style

Leadership Styles are a tricky conversation primarily because no one wants to be pigeonholed being “that” type of Leader (when no one cares for having “that” type of Leader...

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02 Jan

Shipping with Bugs

There are a few things wrong with our new site. You might not be able to pick them out, but we can, some are more obvious than others. But...

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06 Jul

Welcome to BetaRover

You are the brilliant coder able to solve any problem thrown at you with the track record to back it up. And now people are looking to you for...

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