Dynamics CRM Training Courses

BetaRover specializes in the delivery of Dynamics 365 workshops focussed around the adoption of advanced skill sets and learning within your organizations. 

Whether it’s your entire company or a mixed class, our training workshops start with the same approach and philosophy to learning – Understanding what skills you want to learn and what problems you are looking to solve.

Course Offerings 

The following courses are available through BetaRover (a detailed breakdown of each workshop is available on our website. 

Advanced Solution Architecture and Design with Dynamics 365  

This workshop is focused around the design, architecture and implementation of advanced solution design with Dynamics365. This workshop is designed to help users accelerate their Dynamics365 projects by understanding the ins and outs of solution design, development and deployment. [more] 

Customer Care Delivery with Unified Service Desk and Dynamics 365  

This workshop is focused around leveraging the Unified Service Desk within your call centre and integrating it with your Line of Business offerings and other third-party solutions. This workshop is focused around the delivery of Customer Care solutions that allow you to integrate with Dynamics365. [more] 

Advanced Data Synchronization and Migration Strategy with Dynamics 365  

This workshop is focused around implementation of Data Migration and Synchronization strategies, understanding what options are available and avoiding common pitfalls that can occur when moving data between disparate systems and Dynamics365. [more]  


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