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Whether you’re establishing a new team or refactoring an existing one.  We can help you with establishing a delivering software practice that doesn’t skip a beat whether working remotely or on-site.


We know first and foremost, process, methodologies and status reports don’t ship software, people to do.  That’s where we start.


We build custom solutions and products that help you accelerate your team’s development practice.  But we know it’s going to take more than the latest tools to help your team deliver, it’s going to take leadership and change.


Software is always in Beta, just like your team.  We are constantly building and refining new techniques to help development teams grow and become successful delivery practices.


BetaRover specializes in helping organizations transform their development teams into agile delivery teams focused on scalable and performant cloud-based solutions.


  • How do I build a successful Remote Team?

    The world is now running Remote.  Our workshops and programs are geared towards working with you remotely and in-person to embrace the best of both mediums as we navigate both worlds.

  • How do I manage my DevOps Delivery?

    Being able to show what you are doing is just as important as what you are doing.  You don’t want to be spending hours and days out of your week providing this information.  Let us show you how to get the most out of your Azure DevOps implementation

  • How do I grow our future Leaders?

    Software Driven Leaders are the basis for your success.  Our leadership workshops are focused scaling your developer team as they grow and take on new roles and responsiblities.

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