We work with a variety of organizations delivering impactful projects and solutions in addition to developing our own products.

Data Migration

Data Migration starts on Day One of your project.  We have experience designing and implementing complex data migration solutions using Scribe, Kingsway and XRM to migrate your data safely and consistently to Dynamics365.

Data Synchronization

There is no “one” way to synchronize between Dynamics365.  There are patterns and strategies that can be implemented against a variety of toolsets to ensure data can be synchronized From or To in an Atomic fashion to ensure your users are always working with the right data.

Advanced Strategies

For simple data migrations, you can use out of the box tools.  For more complex implementations, we can help you define the strategy and pick the right tool for the job to ensure you’re able to deploy your solution with confidence and not babysit it.

Data Strategies

A proper data strategy is the difference between a successful Dynamics365 implementation and an “okay” one.


Your data is your company and critical to your project’s success.


We have experience migrating and synchronizing small, medium and large scale environments from multiple environments, enabling ETL and synchronizing data into singular and multiple Dynamics365 environments.

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Dynamics365 Customer Service

Dynamics365 has an extensive customer service platform focused around building solutions for contact centres that enable queuing, case creation, service level agreements, threshold management, team structure, access and much more.

Self-Service Portals

Your customers don’t need to call in to see what is happening and they don’t want to wait for your reply.

Give them to the tools to diagnose, update and manage their own work by creating a Self-Service portal that gives them the power to solve their issues.

Unified Queue Handling and Control

Customers drive the channel of integration with your Dynamice365 implementation – voice, chat, email, social, etc.

We devise solutions that allow you to manage these interactions at the strategic level and implement tactics to ensure you are getting the metrics needed to  manage these interactions.

Voice of a Customer

Whether it’s your team helping your customer or your customer solving the problem on their own – what they felt, what helped them, what worked and what didn’t – are questions you need to ask (whether good or bad) that will enable you to tweak your processes and develop a stronger customer care solution.

Customer Care

Customer Care is the evolution of Customer Service.


It’s not enough for customers to call in and ask what is being done on their case, but rather for you to provide the tools so they can connect to your systems, see where their case is, what is being done and provide feedback on the experience afterwards.


A Customer Care approach must be central to your Customer Service implementation strategy.

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Line of Business Integration

The Unified Service not only enables the addition of existing Line Of Business applications but also comes with a suite of SDKs that enable you to send data to those applications, decreasing the amount of manual input your agents need to do.

Automated Processing

The Unified Service desk solves the problem that many Dynamics users have – “How do I more with less clicks”.  With embedded routing, workflows and events – administrators can automate common tasks enabling agents to focus their energies on serving customers.

Telephony Integration

Voice isn’t going anywhere.

When integrated with the Unified Service Desk, your agents can take advantage of scripted functions that enable them to find a customer’s information quickly (ScreenPops) and automate common tasks (starting new cases, continuing with existing ones).

All while working from one, unified application.

Unified Service Desk

If you’re running Dynamics365 in your Contact Centre and not using the Unified Service Desk, than you are only using half of the potential of your Dynamics365 implementation.


The Unified Service Desk brings together all components of your organization into a cohesive, unified solution designed to increase agent productivity.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Different problems require different approaches to solution design.

Having a framework that supports this evolution will ensure that your solution architecture will grow with you will avoid you having to “rebuild everything from the ground up” in successive releases.

Simplify Deployments

It’s not about the first deployment, or the second.  It’s about the ongoing patching, hotfixing, concurrent development and integration.  We work with your team to ensure that your solution design doesn’t make your deployments a headache.

Continuous Team Integration

When building solutions with large teams, manual deployment and integration simply won’t cut it.  We work with your team to leverage tools and strategies with Dynamics365 and TFS that ensure your team is consistently and reliably deploying the right code to the right environments at the right time.

Solution Architecture

At the core of any successful Dynamics solution is it’s Solution Architecture.


When thinking about how to architect and design your solutions it’s imperative that you not only think about next week but next year – what is your plan for growth, what are you scaling to, how will your app grow, etc.


These are the questions that will guide to a strategy that will grow with you and not stop you in your track.

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