For the Developer

As a Developer, your primary focus is around managing your own Drive to Deliver.

Having passion to “do something” is great, but your drive, your willingness to turn those dreams into reality, to take that passion and make it real, this is your Drive.

When you are driven, you can deliver and delivery is what makes you a success. Whether it’s delivering code, stepping up in team meetings, taking calls with tough customers or working on that last-minute hotfix, you are delivering to yourself, your customers and your team.

Initiative and Leadership go hand-in-hand as a Developer as you learn to focus on how best to lead the Army of One and manage yourself. If you can’t lead yourself, how are you going to lead a team, project or next product development?

“I’m not good with people so I can’t Lead”

Leading people is a singular component of Leadership, there are so many different aspects to Leadership as it relates to Software.

  • If you’re working with customers to solve their mission-critical issues, you’re a Leader.
  • If you’re working to integrate that new library, that you recommended, into your codebase that will increase your team’s productivity, you’re a Leader.
  • If you’re working with your team to implement a new methodology, you’re a Leader.

Where should I focus?









The list goes on and on and starts with “You’re a Leader”. If you want to be that “Go To” member of your team, it starts by recognizing that you cannot switch off taking the Initiative and being a Leader on Monday and Tuesday while only Delivering Wednesday and Fridays and start focusing on change you need to make to ensure you are always Driving, Delivering, Initiating and Leading.

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