For the Manager

You’ve been the GoTo Member, the Linchpin, the One-Person Army, the Lone Wolf that gets any challenge thrown at them done. And because of that commitment to deliver and lead others by leading yourself you are now leading the teams and initiatives to help your company grow – whether it be a Team Lead, Manager – you’re leading a team.

You’re not only responsible for delivering code, now you’re a delivering a team to help them achieve their goals for growth, leadership and learning to handle customers and stress much like you did.

“I should go back to being a developer, no one listens to me.”

You are measured by the success of your team and not your own individual accomplishments.

  • How can you lead them through the hard times?
  • How will you help them through their own career roadblocks?
  • How will you inspire them to rise to the challenges in front of you today?

The decision to make you a Leader was an easy one, but the work to be done to be a successful Leader to your team is a long one that must also include your own continued growth and development.

Where should I focus?









Our For the Manager program is designed for Team Leads and Managers looking to get a jumpstart on Leading their team by building their own brand of leadership, identifying where structure is needed, coaching and mentoring team members and continuing on your own path to success.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our For the ManagerĀ  Leadership program, drop us a line at or call us.