We Call Them Workshops

When we were devising our library of training programs on Leadership and Team Development all the way to Advanced Dynamics 365 Architecture and Design we stayed away from comparing them to the traditional catalog of Courses and Certifications or classifying them as Sessions that people would attend.

As our Workshops imply, our focus is for every person to leave with the knowledge that a problem they are experiencing today can be resolved when they go back to the office the day after.  We keep our workshops small to foster discussion among attendees so they can learn and grow from each other while honing their expertise with the content.

For this reason, we place great emphasis in preparing ourselves for you attending your any of our workshops.

Before attending any of our workshops we want to hear from you to ensure you’ve signed up for the right workshop and that you’ll be getting the right material from it.

These conversations are comprised of three key questions to get the ball rolling;

  1. What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your environment today?
  2. What does success look like for you when you leave the workshop?
  3. What is it you want to do with what you learn when you’ve finished the workshop?

With this information in mind, we look to bring in your real-world problems and examples into the workshop and forgo the standard labs that might help you get through the next module but don’t necessarily to translate to what you are working on today.

If you’re interested in finding out learning more about our workshops and how we can tailor them to your group or team – contact us for more information (we offer group discount rates).

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