• What’s In a Software Delivery Process?

    What’s In a Software Delivery Process?

    When crafting a Software Delivery Process for your team or organization it’s important to identify what you want it to be. I’m not talking about whether it’s agile, waterfall, or some other variant. I’m talking about what matters to the stakeholders of that process and those that are working within it. Some call these values,

  • The Healthy Happy Backlog

    The Healthy Happy Backlog

    Backlogs are at the heart of your Product Delivery Strategy. Simply put, they are a story of what happens next. Whether they be bugs, epics, features, or user stories – they are a collection of the ideas, suggestions, concepts, and future of the product you one day will build. When left disorganized, they are a

  • What’s the Story?

    What’s the Story?

    Requirements are about one thing and one thing only – the Story. If you can tell the story, the team will understand what you are asking for and know why they need to build it. Everything else between Epics, Features, User Storys, Product Backlog Items, Tickets, Issues, Work Items (the list goes on and on

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